Patrick Brigham

Visual Artist

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Comic strips, Illustration, social media marketing, cartoons, etc...

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Artist for Hire!

Commercial Art Projects!

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Spice Miner

A Retro Javascript Silent Game !

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Rocky Moon Investigator Comic Book

Action, Mystery, Suspense!

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Doodles Gone Wrong...

Tread into abominable fancies of an overcaffienated mind...

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Holly Children's Book

The Story of Mrs. Claus

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Bluedolph Children's book

A Christmas Tale

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Walden Comic Strip...

A commercially viable and hilarious comic strip in an age of terminally ill newspapers...

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Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch Comic Book...

A zany retro-style comic strip filled with aliens, unnecessary surgery, and more...

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Northwood Comic Book

A medieval tale of power, magic, and revenge; a dish best served by Chef Bisby!

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Wellington Paddlefoot Children's Book...

A childrens book with great audio by Keith Zizza in an 18 minute flash movie...

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Living With Hope Comic Strip

TBI Hope and Inspiration magazine's monthly - well, semi-monthly - comic strip...